CBR Tri-4-Link
CBR Tri-4-Link

CBR Tri-4-Link

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Our Tri-4-Link was developed because of a need for our Novas to be able to corner, launch and flat out handle larger tires. With our system in place you can easily use the entire stock wheel well for larger wheels and tires. If you choose to take it a step further and mini tub your car we have already positioned the lower and upper links to allow for fabricated or the famed DSE mini tubs.

Why go with a Triangulated version? Well, I like many of you, would like to have easy access for exhaust tail pipe routing. Because of the triangulation there is no need for a pan hard bar to keep the body and rear end centered with each other thus you get more than enough room to route 3″ tubing up and over the rear axle.

Welding is required as there is really no good way to bolt in a rear four link while being able to provide all of the benefits of what we have accomplished. All kits can be installed while the original leaf springs are still in place. This is helpful in keeping the rear end in its exact location, pinion angle included as the leaf springs keep everything in order while the kit is installed. Once the shocks are bolted up and adjusted the leaf springs can then be unbolted and slid out from under the car.

So if you want a rear suspension for your Nova that will give you the stance, performance and feel that you desire then look no further than what is before you as this kit was designed for Novas by Nova individuals!

Kit includes:
Upper and lower axle brackets. The uppers are designed to fit the axle perfectly at the designed angle so that there is absolutely no guess work on placement plus there is 100% weld contact area for strength!

Control arms are 1-1/4 .120 wall with chromoly tube ends tig welded in place. For the uppers both ends use chromoly Teflon lined rod ends for bind free operation and one end is left handed for easy adjustments without un-bolting them. The lowers use a left hand rod end as well with the axle end using a Delrin bushed link.

A 3/4″ sway bar is included to help with body roll. Kits come with Viking double adjustable coil overs with a 175# spring rate.

To order, call (330) 442-7169 or (330) 442-7162.