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2011 Super Chevy Suspension Challenge

The ’62-67 Novas have a bad reputation when it comes to handling in stock form. As an inexpensive, entry-level car, maximum lateral g-forces were not a priority for the development engineers. Plus, when first designed, the biggest engine the Chevy II had was a six-cylinder with about as much grunt as a good bowl of […]

2010 Suspension Challenge

Check out the performance of Bill Kress and his 63SS Nova fully equipped with the full Church Boys Racing Treatment. With simply bolting on our components we showed up for Super Chevy’s annual suspension event and turned .88g on the skid pad! Click the photo below and watch Bills car in action. (let advertisement play […]

Chuck Church Jr’s 67

Chuck’s Wheelie

JMDC and Family’s Wagon



Brian’s 1967

Ray’s 1967

Ed’ 1966

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