Church Boys PhaseII Suspension

A 1963 Chevrolet Nova Muscle Car for the Street and Track Upward Mobility: Church Boys Racing’s 1963 Nova is Their Best yet. Steven Rupp   Some rides are recent endeavors, bought and then immediately put into project-car status. Other rides, like the 1963 Nova fielded by Church Boys Racing at this year’s Super Chevy Suspension […]

2014 Super Chevy Suspension and Handling Challenge

2014 Super Chevy Suspension and Handling Challenge – Church Boys’ 1967 Nova Super Nova – Tested: Church Boys Racing’s ’67 Nova Steven Rupp Jan 27, 2015 We all know the formula for going fast and one of the key factors is cash. Spend more money and most likely you’ll have faster lap times. But what […]

2013 Super Chevy Suspension Challenge

The Chevy II came on the scene in 1962 and was an instant smash in the emerging economy car class. Not only was it rock-solid and reliable, but with the Corvair combined to sell nearly 620,000 units. This gave Chevy an unbeatable one-two punch in this market niche. But while the Corvair was considered by […]

2012 Super Chevy Suspension Challenge

Usually when a car becomes dedicated to the quarter-mile life, it’s a marriage with no end other than straight-line warrior. The specialty modifications required to run fast are usually one way, with cages, back halfs, subframe connectors, and other parts being welded onto a chassis usually mean once a Bow Tie becomes a drag racer, […]

2011 Super Chevy Suspension Challenge

The ’62-67 Novas have a bad reputation when it comes to handling in stock form. As an inexpensive, entry-level car, maximum lateral g-forces were not a priority for the development engineers. Plus, when first designed, the biggest engine the Chevy II had was a six-cylinder with about as much grunt as a good bowl of […]

Church Boys Racing LLC. is Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Doing our best to keep Made in America, Made in America. We strive to use all American made products in all of our custom components. We take pride in the fact that we are not taking work overseas to produce any of our products. Quality, Fit and Function at its best. Make sure you know […]

2010 Suspension Challenge

Check out the performance of Bill Kress and his 63SS Nova fully equipped with the full Church Boys Racing Treatment. With simply bolting on our components we showed up for Super Chevy’s annual suspension event and turned .88g on the skid pad! Click the photo below and watch Bills car in action. (let advertisement play […]


Check out Super Chevy’s tech article with an install of our kit on a Nice little Wagon!

Church Boys Racing and the 10′ Nova Mini Nats in Pleasanton Ca.

The 2010 Nova Mini Nats in Pleasanton California was a huge success. It was awesome to get back over to the West Coast and meet up with our friends and family. This year was a blast just as last year was. Thank you to all who had a part in making this a memorable event […]

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